if ur secretly in love with me u should tell me

not because those feelings might be reciprocated but because its really good for my ego

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excuse me waiter where are my crayons

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Tumblr was on the news this morning. They said that Tumblr is a bad place because it ‘promotes self harm’ they said because of the whole thigh gap thing going on. They said that Tumblr only has skinny, almost anorexic girls. Please, we’re all obsessed with bands, food, porn, and gay fictional couples.

everyone fucking reblog this


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sometimes i wake up with a very urgent thought on my mind and it’s usually pretty dumb like ‘je suis un pomme' or 'root beer fairytales' but this morning i woke up and sat there for a second and all i could think was

tis i,

the frenchiest fry

im just confused as to why you thought

"i am an apple" 

in french

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